Using Finnish “fatherland” patriotism to justify neo-Nazism

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By Enrique Tessieri

The Ulla Pyysalo case has turned some Perussuomalaiset (PS) party faces red. Her name came up on a membership list of a neo-Nazi organization Suomen Kansallinen Vastarinta (SKV) after hackers broke into the website over the weekend. 

When reading Pyysalo’s explanation on Uusi Suomi for being on the SKV membership list, it’s difficult to say what is more shocking: her membership in the neo-Nazi association or lame excuses.

Attempting to brush her SVL membership conveniently under the rug, Pyysalo asks on Uusi Suomi why she and PS MP Jussi Halla-aho are being punished but nothing ever happens to PS MP Teuvo Hakkarainen?

Her membership in SVL will be brought up at a PS board meeting on November 19, according to Nelonen TV.

Her boss, PS MP Juho Eerola’s explanation are just as ludicrous as his aide’s. He told the media that the case has no bearing since Pyysalo became a SVL member two years ago, when she was a Center Party member.

Eerola’s support for Pyysalo is understandable since he belongs to the far-right Suomen Sisu association. The MP from Kotka once wrote how he admired Benito Mussolini’s eonomic system because there was no unemployment.

Pyysalo is no stranger to the racist and homophobic world, when she published a “joke” in July on Facebook about Green MP Jani Toivola, who is black and gay.

Other politicians that have popped up on the SKV list are Tuomas Okkonen, a PS local politician from Oulu, and Nino Nevalainen, a Left Alliance (independent) councilman from the Häme region.

I am certain that sensible Finns are just as outraged as I am about how a far-right group within a right-wing populist party sits in our parliament.

There is nothing “patriotic” about racism and hating different minorities never mind glorifying Nazi Germany. Some 40 million people died in World War 2 due to Nazism.

It’ll be interesting to see how the PS handles the Pyysalo case. Will it slap her hand for being a member of SVL or show her the door?

The PS will never be a credible party as long as it houses extremists of the worst order.

People like Pyysalo have not only hijacked the term “patriotism” but have given it a bad name.

  1. BlandaUpp

    More and more of these PS people are showing their true NAZI colors.

    If the opposition politicians can’t do something to counteract this scourge that is damaging our “fatherland’s” good name and image abroad then I see a very bleak future for our country.

  2. eyeopener

    The problem of “fatherland” is that people seem to claim a piece of territory. Doesn’t land belong to all people. We left the “savage-state-of-the-art” behind us…….or not?? Mine, yours ……. in a globalizing world the meanings of the words are changing. Are we still Neanderthalers?? It seems so.

    • Enrique

      Hi eyeopener, many times when I look at ourselves I do see a Neanderthal speaking on the cell phone or surfing the net with an iPad. We have made tremendous scientific and technological breakthroughs but we still don’t know how to cross cultural lines. Incredible!

  3. Mary Mekko

    I wonder how many members of your Finnish parliament have far-left, i.e. Communist affiliations in their backgrounds. Of such people I would be more horrified, for they believe in taking private property and all rights from citizens, setting up labor camps, and stamping out all who disagree with them. They also believe in imposing their system by force on neighboring countries and eliminating all free elections.

    Meanwhile, the spector of Communism hangs particularly over Finland with old Big Brother next door. Even the stacked-up rabbit hutches called apartments are straight from the Soviet style, and the threat to Finnish freedom is great.

    But never mind! Focus on something else and ignore that ever-present danger – at your peril. The likes of Enrique and his friends will find out what no press freedom really means, as millions died under Communism around the world, approximately 100 million. That beats Nazism by the sheer numbers, if numbers impress you so much, Enrique.