UPDATE: Somali young man leaps to his death in Oulu, Finland

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By Enrique Tessieri

The cause of the death of a Somali male in Oulu on Tuesday appears to be as Migrant Tales correctly reported a hate crime involving three Finns who entered the man’s home by force and caused him to leap from his sixth-floor apartment balcony.  The young man died the same day after taken to hospital. 

Police have not yet confirmed the nationality of the victim but Migrant Tales understands the person to be Somali.

Here is a statement by police statement stating that they have detained three suspects in the crime.

“We don’t have that much information [about the causes or whether he was assaulted],” the police told Migrant Tales earlier.

A resident of the neighborhood claimed that the Somali was attacked by a group of Finns who forced their way into his home with a chainsaw.

“They [the Finns] entered the [Somali’s] home and fearing for his life he tried escaping by leaping from the balcony,” said a Somali resident of the neighborhood  who knew the victim.

The apartment, located in the neighborhood of Toppila, houses many immigrants.

  1. Allan

    I am wondering if this has anything to do with the Pakistani(?) newspaper guy who jumped off a balcony a month back. Must be some bad acid on the move.

  2. Mark

    You been dealing again have you Allan? I guess they were your heavies. What did you tell em, Allan – give him a little haircut with the chainsaw?

    See how easy it is to write fiction!

  3. Allan

    Maybe the local gluesniffers didn’t like a salad merchant in their midst? Who knows, the area has a reputation. You seldom get people coming through the doors with chainsaws unless they mean business – and that seldom involves selling bible tracts.

  4. justicedemon


    How do you know about such things? You’ve never explained exactly what you do in the UK, but you seem very well informed about this case.

    As I said: It’s obviously a local timber cutting firm who came round to discuss a payment schedule for clearing this young man’s smallholding in Lapinkangas. The one he inherited from his grandfather.

  5. Allan

    Mark – already blaming the Finns for “hate crime & racism” and you know nothing of the circumstances? Can’t we all have the same double standards?

    JD – your assesment is about as on the money as mine. Lets wait for 6-8 months and read from Alibi what really happened.

    • Enrique

      Allan, I think one of the things we DON’T do is place blame on ALL Finns. I’ll leave that to the anti-immigration/right-wing populist/far right crowd. In every group there are those who give a bad name for the rest. What is interesting to note is how another group exploits this and labels the whole group.

  6. Mark

    Allan you prick, show me where I blamed the Finns or racists? Lies lies lies. However, you did immediately throw in that he must have between dealing drugs. That’s the kind of low life racist you are!

  7. justicedemon


    That’s right. My source for saying that this was a negotiation over forestry work on the young man’s family farm in Lapinkangas is precisely as good as your source for saying that this incident was drug-related. Except that my account explains the chainsaw, of course.

    And yours doesn’t.

    Keep taking the pills.

  8. Allan

    Yes Enrique – you are blaming all the Finns. You are saying that your ordinary neighbours will come through your door just randomly just because of the great socisl ill of racism. Now if it so happens to be some gluesniffers on bad acid after drinking kärpässienikilju, where exactly are you blaming *them* ? No, you are blaming all Finns for having that as their social norm.

  9. justicedemon


    I don’t think anybody said that they came through the door just randomly. That might imply that some crime had occurred, and then we would have to consider the motive and other messy things that waste police time.

    This seems to have been a particular door that had somehow unexpectedly jammed. Fortunately these foresters were carrying their normal working tools, and being of a helpful disposition, they set about unjamming the door as a neighbourly gesture. Any suggestion that they arrived equipped for unlawful forced entry must naturally be dismissed as the malicious fabrication of melanin-enriched bystanders lacking the intelligence to serve as credible witnesses.

    After all, Allan, don’t you regularly carry a chainsaw with you just in case you need to help your neighbour unjam the door after a hard night of solvent/hallucinogen/magic mushroom research?

  10. Depressed N Worried Immigrant

    is Finland gone insane?? i went to read iltalehti chatting room and i was shocked literally, there is no one single person condemning the death of this young man theye’re giving all kind of excuses off the balcony when its clear that those bastards attacked him becus he was a somali. man really it depresses me to live in finland as soon as i get my things right iAM OUT OF HERE AND I NEVER WANT TO HEAR ABOUT FINLAND OR NEVER WANT TO SEE A FINN IN MY LIFE TIME…….NOW IT APPEARS TO ME THAT SOMETHING REALLY IS WRONG ABOUT FINNS…NO OFFENCE. And Allan no offence but i think you’re a finn who’se living in Finland trying to be in disguise you cant fool us man you dont have no empathy just like most of finns i feel sorry for you and your kinds life is short and your using your energy and time on things that are negative instead trying to be productive in life.

  11. Depressed N Worried Immigrant


    • Enrique

      Depressed N Worried Immigrant, you are right. It’s not “funny” but tragic.

  12. Allan


    There is your “racist crime” again.

    The somali Man, a finnish Woman and her Brother live in neighbouring flats.
    Two 6th floor neighbours get friendly.
    Man is with Woman in Man’s flat. Woman is drunk.
    Man and woman have argument.
    Women goes to her Big Brother. Big Brother is drunk.
    Big Brother decides to go have a word with the Man.
    Big Brother takes a metal pipe and breaks in the door.
    Man decides to try get onto the adjacent neighbours balcony.
    Man fails.

    Brother and Sister are “known to police”.

    Racism? Discrimination? So how about an apology, Enrique?

    • Enrique

      Allan, I think your disgraceful threads would seriously warrant an apology.

      I didn’t take them off because I think the many people who visit this blog can see the mindset of some Finns.

      What is sad, Allan, and underhanded is that you paint the world of others to fit your myopic views. Read what I wrote closely. Can you? Maybe you can but you sure are challenged when bringing on board different points of view.

  13. Allan

    You are the one having myopic views. You write “racism” “xenophobia” “neo-nazis” and all kinds of imaginary things. In other words, you just proved all your articles are full of shit.

  14. justicedemon


    This is now the third time that I have to pull you up on your Finnish reading comprehension. You have completely misunderstood the information in the first two paragraphs of this Ilta-Sanomat article and otherwise provided a very distorted account of the report as a whole.

    There is no indication that the woman or her brother live in the same building as the victim. The article says that the woman was in the victim’s apartment at the time of her argument with him, and that her brother was visiting a friend in another apartment on the same stairwell at that time.

    The article also says that the brother and his friend armed themselves with a metal pipe and set out to settle the argument.

    The brother gained forcible access to the victim’s apartment, scaring the victim into unsuccessfully attempting to escape by jumping from a window onto an adjoining balcony.


    I hope for your employers’ sake that they do not depend on you for intelligence based on Finnish language information sources.


    I wonder whether this was an example of a Finnish honour crime?

  15. Allan

    “I wonder whether this was an example of a Finnish honour crime?”

    Would that prove Finland has achieved multiculturalism? Then again, it was Oulu, the Ostrobothnians do have a temper.

  16. jirdos

    I am the brother of the victim Abdirashid HIS TRUE NAME the smallest of a large family we ask all the Finnish of world one thing only the justice .
    de jirde de djibouti east africa

  17. Mary Mekko

    Sounds like the usual Finnish drinking problem – and the Somalian silly enough to take up the Finnish vice of excess drinking.

    I remember learning years ago (1983) that the Finnish press was not always publishing data about deaths from drinking and fighting. However, the fellow who told me worked for the police, saying that the press liked to emphasize the violence of USA and omit stories of all the dead bodies found in rivers and lakes each weekend, normally on Sundays, after excessive drinking on Saturday nights.

    I was shocked – thinking Finland was so peaceful and the people so well-behaved!

    So apparently, this Somalian fell right into the Finnish habits. The drinking led to his death. Not into a river – no, he fell off his balcony.

    Abdirashid’s family would be wise to pack up since there is no escape from alcoholism in a drinking culture like Finland’s. More of their family members may be sucked into it.

    Justice? Are they talking about money? From some young Finnish drunks??? Good luck!

    I thought that in Islamic Somalia drinking was forbidden, and that Sharia law punished abusers of alcohol.

    Apparently, a higher law than Somalian Sharia law punished poor Abdirashid: Murphy’s Law.

    Poor family… too bad that they couldn’t control their young half-brother.