UPDATE (Mar. 6): Migrant Tales’ 2015 Hall of Poor and Sloppy Journalism

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Migrant Tales’ 2015 Hall of Poor and Sloppy Journalism will be updated separately. To see other examples of opinionated journalism in Finland about cultural diversity, please go to this link.

Mar. 6

Olli Immonen rajoittaisi somaleiden maahanmuuttoa (Verkkouutiset)

What’s wrong with this story? We all know what Perussuomalaiset (PS)* MP Olli Immonen’s xenophobic views are about migration and especially about Muslims. No news here. It wasn’t too long ago when Finnish officials avoided using the term “refugee” for Soviet citizens that were fleeing the USSR since the term wasn’t liked by its giant eastern neighbor. Similarly, there were so few migrants in Finland in the 1980s that such people weren’t even called migrants but aliens. In the Verkkouutiset story the term asylum is only mentioned once even if Somalis are considered refugees fleeing a civil war that has ravaged the country since the early 1990s. Not only does Verkkouutiset accept Immonen’s terminology but sides with it by default. The Verkkouutiset story is a good example of how the Finnish media plays down the humanitarian suffering of groups like Somalis by simply regurgitating an Islamophobes claims that “migration [not refugees fleeing war] from that country” must be halted.


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Read full story (in Finnish) here.


The Finnish name for the Finns Party is the Perussuomalaiset (PS). The names adopted by the PS, like True Finns or Finns Party, promote in our opinion nativist nationalism and xenophobia. We therefore prefer to use the Finnish name of the party on our postings. 

  1. intternetnetsi

    Sweden made agreement with Iraq how to return refugee seekers who arent asylees and level dropped to 1/8… Finland made decision that european romanis arent refugees and dropped to practically zero….
    We could make decision to pay north somalia to take theirs who arent asylees and i quarantee that applications stop. Or we could buy services from russia, they would be safe and thats what they wanted… worked in australia and stopped boats.
    Small decisions.

    • Migrant Tales

      Hannu, if you think this is such a great idea, why not write to your MP or directly to Immigration Service. The Roma that come from Romania and Bulgaria to Finland are EU citizens. Since they are they have a right to move from one country to the next. They have the same rights as you and I.

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