UPDATE: Former Finnish PS councilman slapped with 120-euro fine for inciting ethnic hatred

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Tommi Rautio, the former city councillor of Köyliö in western Finland, who suggested giving a medal to a killer after he shot and killed a Muslim at an Oulu pizzeria in February, was convicted and fined 120 euros Wednesday by a Satakunta regional court for inciting ethnic hatred, reports Uusi Pori

Rautio, who said he was not guilty of the charges, is unemployed and depends on student aid for his livelihood.

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The former city councilman said that his writings on Facebook were done ironically.

Rautio wrote on his Facebook page:  ”If Janne is the one [who shot the foreigners at the pizzeria] then we should give Janne a medal…there is already a war going on and in every war [soldiers] are decorated.”

Rautio was sacked in March from the PS.

The former councilman ran again for councilman but was not reelected. He got nine votes.