tygodnik.onet.pl: Psychopaci są wśród nas

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Comment: This must be the first Polish-language opinion-piece entry on Migrant Tales by Poland’s leading theologian, father Adam Boniecki. In light of the Norway mass killings, he too asks what is the responsibility of those that claim not to support violence but do so in their writings.

Even if Breivik carries all the signs of a psychopath, Boniecki asks how does the political climate and debate in the media stimulate the psychopath’s behavior? Boniecki answers this question by stating that the killer prescribed the “wisdom” of those that wrote on these hate websites like on the Gates of Vienna. “Words are not innocent,” he writes. “Through words in human history a lot of good and terrible things have emerged.”

One matter about racism and hatred is that it has an unpredictable mind of its own. It can even attack those that are dazzled by its power and gave it its freedom by letting the ogre out of the cage.


Ks. Adam Boniecki
Ku oburzeniu dobrych chrześcijan policja poinformowała, że Breivik jest „chrześcijańskim fundamentalistą”. Trzeba się pogodzić i z tym, że „chrześcijański fundamentalizm” istnieje, że jest równie, a może bardziej groźny aniżeli fundamentalizmy laickie.
Thank you Jussi Jalonen for the heads up.