Two Police statements, two different views on the racialization of crime

by , under Enrique Tessieri

What happens when a crime happens? Which groups get singled out and what is the age limit for labelling them? 

Migrant Tales was alerted about an attack of a ten-year-old girl by her classmates, who tried to rip off her hijab and left her unconscious.

See the picture of the unconscious girl here.


This police statement above is about an attack against a Muslim 10-year-old who was attacked by her classmates. Nowhere in the statement does it state that the girl is Muslim or that the attackers were white Finnish children. Probably because the victim and suspects are children, the police believe it is a good idea to hide their religious and ethnic backgrounds.


In the Oulu alleged grooming case, the police do make a point to point out that the suspects are “people of foreign origin.” Moreover, an article in YLE went further disclosing the nationality of the suspects, which the police did not deny or confirm. If the suspects are in custody, why is it important for the public to know that they are “people of foreign origin?” What purpose does this serve?

Migrant Tales sent an email to Jaakko Mäntymaa and Johanna Mattinen, who wrote the YLE article that exposed the nationality of the suspects, asking why this was important.

They have not responded to my email.

  1. intternetnetsi

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”. Are you incapable or idiot?

    Let the people know official police statement and not to hide it.

    • Yossie

      You are wasting your time. Enrique won’t publish information that discredits his hate speech. He has a history of publishing rumors to incite hate against whites and never updating the stories when actual truth comes out. Remember eskistuna’s mosque fire?

  2. juhis88

    I don’t know if the police is lazy or racist, but this is clearly hate motivated crime because the attacker was trying to undress hijab from a muslim girl and police is either lazy or racist for not investigating it as hate crime. They believe that the racism and hate crimes go away if they don’t look at things as they are, but stick their heads into sand.