Two Iraqi asylum seekers who returned to “safe” Iraq and were killed

by , under Enrique Tessieri

In May and much to the surprise of many, especially asylum seekers and concerned citizens, the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) announced that countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia were safe to return asylum seekers.

Migrant Tales reported in September about Mohammed Khulbus Idnan’s return to “safe” Iraq after waiting for a year for his residence permit without luck. He returned to Baghdad to be at his mother’s side since she was going to die. He returned and was lucky: He got shot six times and survived.

Two other persons weren’t as lucky as Khulbus Idnan when they returned in summer to “safe” Iraq. Both of them were killed by bombs.

Hussein Ali Shawi Al-Frajas was twenty-nine years old when a bomb planted in his car detonated and ripped him in half from the waist down. We have pictures that show him inside the car that we won’t publish because they are so shocking.

Al-Frajas had been in Baghdad only three days before he was killed.

He left Finland after Migri had turned down his asylum application. He was a father of two.

Hussein Ali Shawi Al-Frajas died in summer three days after his return to Baghdad from Oulu, Finland.

The second young man to die in summer is Ahmed Kadhim Ali Alsultani, who returned back to Baghdad because he missed his two children and wife. He had come to Finland in September and waited for months without luck for a decision from Migri.

Could these two deaths have been avoided if both men wouldn’t have returned to “safe” Iraq?

We should ask that question of Migri because they assessed Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia as safe countries to return asylum seekers.

Ahmed Kadhim Ali Alsultani returned to Baghdad in summer and was killed by a power street bomb. His son stands by his grave.

Migri’s assessment has left two widows and four children who will have to grow up without a father.