Two Iraqi asylum seekers get deportation order from judge and will be flown to Iraq “in two weeks”

by , under Enrique Tessieri

A judge in the city of Turku decided today that Iraqi asylum seeker KM will be deported “in two weeks” from Finland. KM told Migrant Tales by phones that he didn’t know about the fate of his friend, SH, who was detained by police on Friday. KM’s lawyer has made an appeal to the supreme administrative court concerning his case. 

SH was due to visit the judge shortly after KM. It is highly probable that he got a deportation order from the judge as well.

“The hearing [with the judge] lasted only 5-7 minutes,” he said. “She [the judge] said that I would be transferred to a prison in Vantaa [the correct place is Metsälä in Helsinki] before being sent back to Iraq in two weeks.”

KM threatened on Friday that he’d take his life if he were sent back to Iraq.

“I’ve lost everything,” he said shortly after today’s visit with the judge.

KM’s lawyer said that the only way to stop the deportation order is if the supreme administrative court accepts the asylum seeker’s appeal.

“The police don’t tell us where [what part of Iraq] they are going to deport KM,” the lawyer said. “It’s still unclear.”

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Migrant Tales will continue to report on the case.