Twitter: UNICEF criticizes Finland over the detention of asylum-seeker children

by , under Enrique Tessieri

UNICEF rebukes Finland over its treatment of asylum-seeking minors, according to YLE News. Human rights activists like Zuzeeko Tegha Abeng have lobbied Finland to stop detaining children in 2013.

He wrote:

“According to Amnesty International, children should be in day care centres, schools or skateparks – not in police detention. Finland detains thousands of people yearly, including people who have fled persecution, war or poverty. They are held in prison-like conditions, although guilty of no crime.”

Kimmo Neihum tweets close to four years later the same problem:

Read the full story here.

Migrant Tales published in April 2017 this harrowing story about an Iraqi family being detained at the Joutseno immigration removal center.

An Iraqi child looking from the window of her cell in April 2017.

Finland, the country that boasts on being a Nordic nation that promotes social equality and has one of the best education systems in the world, has a dark side.

The detention and deportation of children must stop.