Twitter (Jani Mäkelä): Selling Finland down the river to Trump-backing politicians

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US Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri announced that he would vote against Finland’s and Sweden’s membership in Nato. Finnish Perussuomalaiset (PS)* MP Jani Mäkelä pleaded with him to change his mind. Good luck.

The January 6 hearing last week made a horse’s ass of Hawley, one of former President Donal Trump’s avid followers who believes that the Democrats stole the election. On that shameful day, he raised his fist in solidarity with the mob that Trump had sent to the Capitol on January 6.

Later, he was videotaped running away from the mob that had stormed the Capitol, which he had incited.

An example of the same cowardice and political opportunism that is parroted near-constantly by Makelä and the PS.

How can you respect a politician and party that constantly bullies vulnerable people like asylum seekers for political profit?

You can’t.

Source: YouTuve

We could look at the video in several ways. One way is that Holley is not running away from a mob in Washington but from Finns and Swedes.

The Trumpiest party in Finland is the PS.

Mäkelä’s tweet below is a perfect example of the continued allegiance of the PS to Trump and his enablers. The Finnish MP believes that Senators like Holley care about Finland’s security concerns.

Source: Twitter

MP Mäkelä’s tweet is as misguided as his far-right party, full of wishful thinking and alternate reality politics revealing that the PS would be the first party to sell Finland down the river to a foreign power.

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