Twitter @HerraAhmed: Assaulted at a restaurant

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We are sorry to hear about what happened to you. Abdirisak Ahmed (@HerraAhmed) Tweets:

This is what it looks when you are assaulted at a restaurant because of the color of your skin. Thank you #apolloliveclub bouncers for your quick response. I never thought I’d be in this situation being over 30 years old. This will cost me a month of work. “

Source: Twitter

We hope that the perpetrator(s) will face justice. In Finland, this may be better said than done.

In June 2020, a group of Finns attacked an Iraqi student in Western Finland. Below is how the police watered down the case:

  • Its long 26-month length;
  • Not all of the suspects were questioned by the police;
  • No hate crime charges were brought; racism had nothing to do with the cause of the incident;
  • Only one person was convicted;
  • The district court judge gave his sentence on the same day as the trial began, which is extremely rare in Finland.

Were all these factors due to limited police resources?

Yes, let’s HOPE that the police resolve this matter swiftly and bring justice to the victim.