Twitter FRA director Michael O’Flaherty: Coronavirus is also a human rights question

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Now, as far-right parties aim to capitalize on the coronavirus with the help of fake news, we must stay vigilant to challenge their sinister and selfish aims. 

We saw this happen in Finland on Yle’s A-talk when Perussuomalaiset* MP Riikka Purra claimed that a hospital was washing and using disposable equipment.

“I have received information from a hospital that they wash disposable equipment,” she tweeted, declining to say who her source is. state her source.

Purra’s claim that she cannot reveal her source is an old tactic even used by US President Donald Trump playbook: “There’s that guy who told me…” “I’ve a very nice friend who told me…” “Many beautiful experts told me…”…etc. [1]

In the face of fake news and claims by opportunist and irresponsible påoliticians, EU Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) director Michael O’Flaherty has an important message below.

[1] Thank you Albert Furgenstin for the tip.

  1. PS voter

    What Purra said wasn’t fake news. It is a fact and it has been told since in newspapers as well, based on their own sources in hospitals. You should apologize her your words.