Twitter: Disingenuous Veikko Vallin

by , under Enrique Tessieri

How to describe Perussuomalaiset (PS)* MP Veikko Vallin’s tweet below? Vallin, who likes to be called the Trump of Tampere, likes posing with MAGA caps and often makes racist remarks about asylum seekers, who are mostly Muslims. He even brags on social media about how he was able to escape taxes in Finland by moving to Estonia.

One does not have to look too far into Vallin’s social media history stained with racist posts.

The PS MP now tries to show is “anti-racism” side with the following tweet:

“@jemustakalio of the Greens speaks about “brown” people. It is an odd word. If anything, it differentiates [people]. For me, skin color does not mean anything. We are all people irrespective of our skin color.”

Source Twitter

Everyone can see how disingenuous Vallin’s tweet is. What about if we substituted the term skin color with “religion” or “Muslim?”

I doubt that he’d ever claim that we “are all people irrespective of our religion.”

The hard truth about Vallin’s tweet is that it is typical of people who believe Finland is only white and that there is only one kind of Finn. It is a convenient way to close one’s eyes to racism’s harm to people in Finland.

The only appropriate time people like Vallin accept “brown Finn” is when it labels such groups as criminals.

Vallin believes that racist statements will get him reelected.

We’ll see.