Twitter (Ara Malikian): Being from one, two, or many cultures simultaneously

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Ara Malikian is a musician that awakens the magic from his violin. Isn’t it surprising when we can travel easily from one country to the next, there are still people who don’t accept that we can build many homes during our lifetime in many countries? We can be from one, two, or many places simultaneously.

What would you call those who discriminate against you based on being from many cultures? In my opinion, such people are in the same league as the worst racists. Like the racist, they too are denying your rights based on your background.

If the Tweet below is anything to go by, Ara Malikian must feel the same way.

He Tweets: “In Lebanon didn’t consider me to be fully “Lebanese” because of my Armenian origin; the Armenians didn’t consider me to be fully “Armenian” because I was born in Lebanon. When I established myself in Europe, they didn’t consider me “European” because I wasn’t born in Europe; it took years to be at peace with myself, accept who I am, and accept being an “eternal” foreigner. I have lived in Spain for 20 years and have Spanish citizenship. They disqualified me from the Latin Grammys for not being sufficiently Latin, considering that I was nominated for one of those Grammys four years ago and had performed at the inauguration gala for three years. Does someone understand this?”

Source: YouTube