Turtiainen suffers another blow to his business as the International Powerlifting Federation terminates cooperation

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Ano, or Año Turtiainen, the former Perussuomalaiset MP who mocked George Floyd’s death at the hands of a Minneapolis policeman, boasts that he is “the best known Finnish powerlifter in the world.” CORRECTION: He is also known for being the most racist Finnish powerlifter in the world.

After Elitefts and the Canadian Powerlifting Union terminated last month their cooperation with Turtiainen, the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) announced that it too is terminating its cooperation agreement with Turtiainen’s firm Metal Sports.

IPF announced that the termination of the agreement with Metal Sports was due to a “non fulfilling the agreement terms.”

Turtiainen’s tweet was even noticed by George Floyd’s family in the US.

“The message glorifies police violence and criminal behavior,” said Goerge Floyd’s family lawyer in Teller Report. “It seems that this, not the first time MP Turiainen has published racist messages on social media. We believe that Turtiainen’s colleagues in parliament should be held accountable.”

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Migrant Tales wrote in June that Turtiainen’s career as a “dark comedian” and political career came down in flames with the Goerge Floyd tweet.

Turtiainen got his fingers burned to a crisp when he tried to show off his racism in a long list of tweets, inc including George Floyd.

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The outrage that Turtiainen has awoken from abroad and the consequences of his racist postings offer hope and some direction. For too many years, the MP from the small town of Juva (pop. 6,121) has made racist statements and shown off his “dark humor” with few if any consequences.

What does it say about Juva and our society as a whole?