Trump and Huhtasaari: White supremacy in the US and Finland

by , under Enrique Tessieri

If we look at US President Donald Trump’s makeup and that used by Perussuomalaiset* MEP Laura Huhtasaari, we can conclude that their personas are different shades of white supremacy.

We all know about Trump’s white supremacist views and we know about Huhtasaari’s feelings on the matter. Her posts and hashtags (#proudtobeFinn and others) speak for themselves.

Even if both politicians are from different countries, they built their political careers on racism and white supremacy. Trump reached infamy by his birther claims that Barack Obama was not born in the US, while Huhtasaari went on the rampage against Muslims and the EU.

If we look at white supremacy in Finland, it does, as in the case of Huhtasaari, involve white-silver dyed hair, white clothing, lots of white makeup as well as white supremacist soundbites.

Source: Twitter
Different shades of Huhtasaari’s dyed hair and white supremacist image. Source: Twitter
Blonde hair and makeup do wonders for bringing out the white supremacist image. Source Google.

A guide to becoming a white supremacist politician:

  • Dye your hair blonde
  • Use a lot of whitening makeup
  • Spread racism by scapegoating vulnerable people like asylum seekers
  • Get elected and continue undermining democracy.