True Finns: The first and last act of a tragic-comic play

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By Enrique Tessieri

Even if Finland has changed politically after Sunday’s election, there has been a greater about-turn among some True Finns. One particular group that form part of the anti-immigration Nuiva manifesto group, now attempt to appear like respectable elected MPs conveniently brushing under the rug those terrible things they said about immigrants.

The six who signed the Nuiva election manifesto and whom I am specifically referring to are: Jussi Halla-aho, James Hirvisaari, Vesa-Matti Saarakkala, Juho Erola, Olli Immonen and Maria Lohela.

One of these that I would like to pick out from the group is railway engineer James Hirvisaari. He is a member of the far-right Suomen Sisu association. Hirvisaari believes that  Finns should not marry foreigners.

After bashing and insulting Muslims and immigrants with gusto, he now attempts to portray himself as the most reasonable man in the world. If you have read his blog entries you will notice his obsession with adjectives. He sort of tries to do a Gabriel García Marquez by writing long sentences but ends up stuck in a paper bag.

In one of his recent blog entries, Minkälaisessa Suomessa haluan asua? (What kind of Finland would I want to live in?),  we see him turn into a Dr. Jekyll from a Mr. Hyde.

Hirvisaari writes that he is in favor of maintaining the welfare state (Does he mean Finns can only use these services?), freedom of speech (he can insult other groups and thereby  score political brownie points) and behold: equality, human rights and democracy.

Is the newly elected MP pulling our leg or does he think we have a short memory? If he were fair, he should mention that all people living in Finland enjoy these rights.

So stay tuned and step right up folks! The next four years are going to be the first and hopefully last act of this tragic-comic play.

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