Treating immigrants in Finland as the problem IS the problem

by , under Enrique Tessieri

What’s wrong with the ongoing debate in Finland concerning immigration, refugees and cultural diversity? The problem is that they are treated as a problem by politicians, the media and public.* 

Instead of treating these three matters as “a problem” we should make an effort to think outside of the current anti-immigration political climate and see them as a solution and opportunity for our country.

By treating immigration, refugees and cultural diversity as problems we begin to despair and give space to the ugly side of ourselves: hatred, intolerance and bigotry that mutate into populism, hate speech, intolerance and xenophobic political parties.

Want to solve the problem? Then repeat after me:  Näyttökuva 2015-4-28 kello 19.50.00


* Special thanks go to Markku Ikonen in Australia for sharing this idea with us. 

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