Good grammar or good taste

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Language is a beautiful tool that one can use to express him/herself. Learning how to master such a tool is a lifetime process. Those that are more into important matters like syntax and grammar may forget to mention the most important matter about writing: yourself.

Here’s a saying that expresses that situation and challenge eloquently:

I’d rather not know how to write and have something to say than know how to write and have nothing to say.

While grammar and syntax may prove a formidable challenge to master, they aren’t impossible to tame to express what you want to say. There are other hurdles like society and silence that may follow after you publish.

We’ve seen it throughout history so many times. An autocratic regime takes away civil liberties and only a few cry out. The majority is fed  incredulous-yet-believable-on-the-surface-fairy tales as to why their liberties have been put in the freezer indefinitely. Like being in a trance induced by drugs like nationalism, the common citizen begins to admire their autocratic leaders in the same pathological way as sometimes occurs between the tortured and torturer. Here’s a quote that aims to give you courage to overcome such a foe:

Some end up admiring those that take away their freedom and suspect deeply the motives of those who fight to regain it.