Three men assaulted near Mikkeli three Iraqi asylum seekers with an axe and small shovel

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Three men in a red GMC SUV attacked with an ax and small shovel three Iraqi asylum seekers from the Suonsaari asylum reception center near Mikkeli on Sunday at 2 – 2:30 am, according to sources close to the case. 

“The SUV first tried to run over the men who were returning by bicycle after fishing,” said an asylum seeker living at the refugee center who is familiar with the case. “Two of the asylum seekers had to jump off their bikes in order to not get hit by the vehicle.”

The Suosaaren asylum reception center is located about 9 km from Mikkeli. Photo: Enrique Tessieri

The SUV stopped and the three suspects started to run after the three asylum seekers with an ax and small shovel shouting and forcing others who were sleeping at the reception center to wake up.

“One of them was hit in the head with an axe,” he continued. “The situation calmed down after security guards and the police arrived at the scene.”

An ambulance arrived and treated the man who was hit on the head with the axe. He was not taken to the hospital and only needed first aid.

The police apprehended two of the suspects.

The police cordoned off the reception center to ensure that there would not be any new attacks and gathered evidence.