The Third Eye by Marshall Niles: The waves create the sand

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By Marshall Niles

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  1. D4R

    I want to let the whole world know what kind of sick threat we Somalis have to deal with in the Net. There is called wich is so racist that im even shocked the police is not dealing with the threats thats being made to us in this website. Some of the posters post with their real face. Ill link it for you guys so you can check it out yourself. >

    This guys called > Kari Viherväs , is saying i quote> eks noita vois jo alkaa tappaa tehdä lakipykälä mamujen metsästyskaudesta petojahan noi apinat on! Lopetetaanhan aina kaikki vaaralliset koiratkin sen perusteella kun ovat vaaraksi muille. Miksi ei sitten noitakin vois? in english he is saying> cant we have a law for hunting season for mamu, wich is another word for immigrants, he\s also calling us save apes. He\s boasting about how he kills dogs wich are are according to him dangerous, so he\s saying why not immigrants too…. This is very worrisome…..i hope if the police if Finland sees this, will staret investigating the people who post their faces and make killings threats against us. if you take this lightly we dont, Everythings starts from words and words can turn to action. I hope the police of Finland will investigate these people or keep an eye on them or else we might see some immigrants missing soon.

  2. PS voter

    I agree that the language used by Kari V. in his comment, wasn’t that nice. However, it is worth to notice that it is just a reader comment to news about a sexual crime. It is also to worth to notice that MV-lehti reports also sexual crimes done by native Finns and the reader comments haven’t been that nice in those cases either.

    MV-lehti has its own agenda, like these days almost all more mainstream news sites tend to have too, but it has also positive news about immigrants instead of just negative ones. These days almost all news media have incredible amount of pro-asylum seeker propaganda instead of objective reporting and it is good to have MV-lehti to give us wider perspective, to reveal some lies or distortions by mainstream media and to tell news that other news media are more or less silent about, like revealing new cases of asylum seekers in Finland who are wanted in Iraq because of war crime allegations. You just have to read its news with a grain of salt.