The PS ratchet up their anti-immigration rhetoric as Euro MP elections near

by , under Enrique Tessieri

It’s clear that as the Euro MP elections near on May 25, anti-immigration parties like the Perussuomalaiset (PS) will ratchet up their hate rhetoric. Attempting to give a more middle-of-the-road appearance to their familiar hostility towards migrants, it’s clear that PS MP’s like Juho Eerola, who is running for Euro MP, is saying the same thing as he always has.

Eerola suggested on daily Kouvolan Sanomat that migrants in Finland live off welfare and are a strain on the system.

He said: “In the place of quantity we should speak of quality. Why would any state want to bring migrants that are a drain on society? Even [basketball team] Kouvot doesn’t ask players to join the team so they can sit on the bench.”

But isn’t that the issue, MP Eerola? Finland accepts refugees from war-torn countries in Africa, Middle East and elsewhere but the grand majority of migrants who live here speak Finnish, work and pay taxes. Why do you want to pick on a minority and victimize them?

Your party’s constant negative stance towards migrants and cultural diversity is scaring away those qualified and skilled migrants you claim you would want to see more of in Finland. Why would I want to bring my family to live in a country where people like you and the PS are hostile towards migrants?

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When Eerola speaks of migrants in quality as opposed to quantity terms, he’s really speaking about an ideal called super migrants. It’s a fairy tale story where Prince Charming kisses Sleeping Beauty and both live happily ever after.

The bottom line is the following. With poker faces, politicians like Eerola, will state that they are not against immigration (sic!) but against immigration they consider harmful to Finland. Who are these “harmful immigrants?”

They are their usual scapegoats: Africans, Muslims and especially anyone who undermines the white ethnic landscape of Finland.

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