The PS are now hoping that Kouvola stops receiving asylum seekers and quota refugees by 2016

by , under Enrique

If you believe that the Perussuomalaiset (PS) party has toned down its xenophobia and loathing towards refugees, check out what they are doing in the municipality of Kouvola. According to the local daily, Kouvolan Sanomat, the PS wants the city council to stop receiving asylum seekers and quota refugees by 2016. 

While the PS blame the economic situation and cost-cutting measures by the municipality for their stance, the truth is that this is a long-term plan by the anti-immigration party to stop Finnish municipalities from receiving quota refugees.

It’s nothing new that the anti-immigration party uses refugees to drive home their xenophobia. In the PS’ municipal election program, it recommended that municipalities shouldn’t accept refugees because the best way to help these needy people would be in refugee camps next to their war-torn countries.

This type of hostile campaign against refugees appears to be paying off for the PS. Annually around one out of ten municipalities accepts quota refugees, according to MTV3, quoting the ministry of employment and the economy.

Kuvankaappaus 2013-11-28 kello 23.23.53
Finland’s map of shame. Only a handful of municipalities in Finland accept quota refugees these days.

Every year after 2003, Finland has missed its 750-quota refugee target: 734 in 2012; 626 in 2011; 634 in 2010; 727 in 2009; 737 in 2008; 727 in 2007; 676 in 2006; 690 in 2005; and 679 in 2004, according to Finnish Immigration Service (FIS).