The PS and its obsession with migrants

by , under Enrique Tessieri

If you had the opportunity to listen inside the brain of a Perussuomalaiset (PS)* politician, you’d probably hear the following word: migrants, maahanmuuttajat, migrants, maahanmuuttajat

The head of the PS parliamentary group, Ville Tavio, regurgetates that obsessive word in countless tweets and statements.

Tavio tweets: “Finnish human rights are threatened as a result of massive asylum-seeker policies. Such migration should be kept in check, so it isn’t a threat to the country’s economy, security, and national culture.”

Source: Twitter.

Tavio, who has before mentioned his admiration of France’s National Rally far-right head Marine Le Pen, claims that some conspiracy permits “massive” asylum seekers to enter Finland.

I understand that Tavio does not wake up in the morning and looks in the mirror, whispering to himself that I am such a racist.

Or does an Islamophobic mindset make people delusional? They attract voters with their exaggerations and lies and get hooked to power like junkies.

According to the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri), there were 4,550 asylum seekers in 2019, of which 2,467 were granted residence permits. Where is the massive amount of asylum seekers you speak of Tavio?

The PS believe that they can get away by lambasting migrants, especially Muslims and people of color, without any consequences.

A party like the PS that bases 90% of its politics on Islamophobia and Afrophobia cannot tap from the well of hatred and discord forever. One day that well will dry out.

No matter how much politicians like Tavio and his band of Islamophobes kick and bitch, we are here to stay.

  1. PS voter

    On top of that 2467 persons you must add the quote refugees which is around 1000 persons a year. Together it is already around 3500 persons. And even this number grows much larger once you take into account family reunifications and marriages with foreign spouses. And many of those asylum seekers who aren’t granted asylum, stay here either illegally, marrying someone etc.

    You can compare those numbers to the number of babies born in Finland. During 2019 it was 45613 babies and many of those babies are born to parents who aren’t native Finns.

    And this mass immigration is a cumulative process. It doesn’t take long before it turns ethnic Finns into a minority in our own country. And soon after that Sharia laws may became reality in this country.