The police give you permission to pry into a person’s background even if these are inappropriate and offensive

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Remember Husein Hamiid when he asked in summer a real estate agent about renting a hotel and restaurant? The real estate agent, who was a Perussuomnalaiset (PS)* municipal candidate for the city of Espoo, started to pry into Hamiid’s life: “What kind of family and relatives do you have? What is your religion? Could you send me a picture of your family? What year did you come to Finland?”

Hamiid, a Finnish citizen who has lived many years in Finland, would not stand for this type of discriminatory behavior. He filed charges against the real estate agent.

To his surprise, the police absolved the real estate agent of any wrongdoing. It argued that there was no discrimination.

I’m surprised that [they did not bring any charges against the real estate agent] when everything is written clearly and in black and white and is a clear-cut case,” said Hamiid. “[The real estate agent] has over 20 years experience as a real estate agent even in Spain and should know better:”

Hamiid added that it was surprising that the police gave the real estate agent the benefit of the doubt and sided with him.

Certainly, a real estate agent has the right to ask about a potential client’s background and rental brokierage agreements. Still, they must abide by non-discrimination legislation, according to the Federation of Real Estate Agency. Does the police ruling of Hamiid’s case mean that we can ask people their religion, pictures of their family? Yes, the police are giving the nod to such inappropriate behavior.

So what are the police’s arguments concerning Hamiid’s charges?

Below, the police decided that no charges will be brought against the real estate agent because there is no evidence of discriminatory behavior.

But the real estate agent, who has over twenty years of experience in his work does not understand what is appropriate or inappropriate behavior to a prospective client.

How the police give the real estate agent the benefit of the doubt: “Contact was made with [the real estate agent] and he was sorry that he had asked such inappropriate questions. His aimd to find out what was Hamiid’s ability to pay the rent. Hamiid has not answered the real estate agent’s email, and this is the reason why the ngoritations did not progress.”

Isn’t it surprising how people who should know better commit the same racist mistakes and behavior over and over again?

Not surprising but disappointing.

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