The Perussuomalaiset adopt “The Finns” as their official English name

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By Enrique Tessieri

The right-wing populist Perussuomalaiset (PS) party are now officially called in English “The Finns,” reports Helsingin Sanomat citing Finnish News Agency (STT).  The motion to adopt “The Finns” as the official English name of the party was made by PS head Timo Soini.

Soini was quoted as saying to STT that the reason why the name was changed to “The Finns” was because he did not like the party to be called “Ordinary Finns,” “Basic Finnn;” even “True Finn wasn’t a good name because it suggested it was a far-right party.

Let’s admit it folks, the name “True Finns” is really bad because it suggests that Soini’s followers are the only true Finns of this country. The rest are phony Finns.

Migrant Tales wrote about the party’s English name, True Finns, in a blog entry in April and resolved the matter by calling the party by its Finnish name.

The Finns probably reflects Soini’s wish for the party to remain one of the biggest in Finland. I think a very suitable name for them would be the “Fundamental Finns” because of their fundamentalist ideas.

Another act in the tragic-comic play by the PS has taken place. Migrant Tales will continue to call the party Perussuomalaiset due to the poor and unfair translation.


  1. Niko

    Even I didn’t like so much “True Finns” name, it was still much better than “The Finns”. Probably the worst party name what I could imagine. It will very confusing when the international media will talk about the party…

  2. Hannu

    Due to poor and idiotic so called “journalism” i still call jihadist and antifa Enrique Tessieri, due his fundamentalist ideas about burning books, as eikka.

  3. khr

    Oh, well. The previous official mis-translation was pretty bad, but this is not certainly any better. “Perus-” does not translate exactly to English, but “Ordinary Finns” would not have been too bad. It would be interesting to know why Soini didn’t like that, neutral, name.

  4. JusticeDemon

    I wouldn’t expect the epähiket to bother about the minor point that a name is a noun that appears in sentences. Expect a lot of parenthetical references in the style of the artist formerly known as “pretentious”.

  5. Allan

    I thought the name was silly, even sillier than the “True Finns”, but then I read the reactions, and now I think it is quite brilliant.