The opportunity offered by #coronavirus is one of a lifetime – let’s not squander it

by , under Enrique Tessieri

In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity.

Albert Einstein


Thanks to the #coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which is relentless and spelling trouble for our societies and individuals, is also offering a unique opportunity and helping to expose our hypocrisy and double standards. The best examples of the latter is the United States, where the corruption and incompetence of the Trump administration are exposed.

The opportunity that coronavirus offers us is to reject neoliberal capitalism (deregulation, austerity and global profit) and , which is putting the lives of many people in the United States and throughout the world at risk.

Collective action and solutions in a spirit of “us” not “them” is acutely needed to face up to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Photo: Enrique Tessieri

Not only are the neoliberal policies and disposition of the governments in the United States and United Kingdom laid to bare, but the opportunity as well of how the COVID-19 pandemic may foster unity and our rejection of the language that promotes social inequality, hate by groups like populists and racists.

Such groups are close ideological allies of neoliberal economic policies. Apart from being hostile to difference, they want to put women in their places and anyone else who steers from their rigid norms.

Source: @kasvismafioso

The world is now at a crossroads and this is reinforced by COVID-19; our guides to this place are also neoliberal capitalism, climate change, social injustice, millions of refugees fleeing strife, perpetual wars imposed and of our own making, and the rise of populism concocting new social formulas for genocide.

If we do not accept and take these issues by the horn and work together to resolve them, and this will not be easy, we will sink deeper into our despair and our response to them will be blunted further.

We need real action against those that are destroying us and the planet with greed and endless wars.

Real action means rejecting everything that brought us to this crisis in the first place, which requires generous injections of empathy, understanding and courage from you, fellow human.