The Nordic region’s slippery Islamophobic slope

by , under Enrique Tessieri, Migrant Tales

The Nordic saw a predictable political earthquake on September 11, when the right-wing bloc led by the far-right Sweden Democrats nudged the right-wing bloc to victory. The election brought Sweden in line with its other Nordic neighbors: all four now have or had large far-right anti-immigration parties.

Of the four countries, the entrenchment of the far right is best seen in Denmark, where mainstream parties like the Social Democrats tow the Islamophobic line.

The far-right Danish People’s Party came to power in the early 2000 and had steadily worked to turn Denmark into a haven for anti-Muslim rhetoric and hatred.

In light of what happened in Norway and in Finland, what will be the path of the Sweden Democrats to implement their Islamophobic policies?

Step 1 was the election. Step 2 is polluting Swedish politics with more racism. Like in Denmark, “straight” parties like the Moderates or Social Democrats may rob the Sweden Democrats of their support by becoming as Islamophobic as them. It is what happened in Denmark.

September 11 is a bad day for many: 9/11 and the coup in Chile that ousted democratically elected Salvador Allende.

That infamous day will also be remembered when far-right politics came home to roost in the Nordic region.