The more politicians and racists vilify migrants the stronger we get

by , under Enrique Tessieri

No matter how much politicians vilify migrants and continue to attack us, the more desperate their situation becomes. We, migrants, are a near-endless resource. As long as people can dream and hope, migration will remain. You cannot kill it. 

As a person born in Latin America, it is incredible how selective the media is in reporting racism. After so much tampering in our internal affairs while exploiting our wealth, the United States, specifically the likes of President Donald Trump, are “surprised” by the hundreds of thousands of migrants that are fleeing strife, war, chronic inequality, and poverty.

A simple question: I wonder why people are fleeing to the United State?

In the United States they separate children from their parents. In Europe and Finland we are more “civilized” since we don’t separate children but incarcerate them with their parents.

It is the same story in the Middle East after the invasion of Iraq in 2003. The United States and its European partners invade, pillage, kill hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Middle Easterners and expect opportunistically people to stay, inhabitants of the misery, we created for them.

A simple question: I wonder why people are fleeing to Europe?

The environment is another problem of our making and it is hitting us hard but with a difference from the latter two examples: the disaster includes us, the perpetrators.

A simple question: I wonder who is to blame and what are we going to do?

No matter how much tin-pot populist like Hungary’s Viktor Orbán, Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kruz, Italy’s Lega Nord, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Denmark’s Islamophobia on steroids, and chaotic Brexit, try, we will prevail in the end.

Their knee-jerk reaction, their Islamophobia, and xenophobia, are ample proof of that.