The majority of Mamukriit-Looks candidates got elected to office in Finland

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Migrant Tales published earlier this month Mamukriit-Looks: The who’s who of anti-immigration Finlandwhich was a continuation of Per-Looks, a blog entry than caused outrage among some Perussuomalaiset (PS) candidates running for city council. Even if both blog entries were published with a dose of satire, the election of many PS anti-immigration candidates to city council is no joke. 

If the Mamukriit-Looks blog entry is anything to go by, successful anti-immigration candidates running for city council cannot expose their racism too crudely since too much hate turns people off. One of these candidates was  Anna-Maija Ahl from Sastamala, who got only 18 votes.  The other one is Reija Hirn-Brazhevsky of Savonlinna, who got 14 votes.

Hirn-Brazhevsky’s knee-jerk comments are like an explosion of hate that leaves you stupefied. Her comments give the impression that nobody ever told her – except for now – that white people aren’t the only group living in Finland.

What is shocking is that despite the electoral setback that the PS suffered on Sunday,  the majority of Mamukriit-Looks anti-immigration candidates got elected. Of the the 40 PS candidates in the blog entry, 23 got elected while 16 did not.

In the Mamukriit-Looks blog entry you will find Counterjihadists, ultra-nationalists, politicians slapped with fines for inciting ethnic hatred, candidates that admit liking fascism, some even applied for membership in a neo-Nazi association when they were drunk.

Remember Risto Helin of Vaasa, the PS candidate who wore a neo-Nazi shirt to attract votes? Well, he got elected with 234 votes.

Surprised? Check out Amon Rautianen, the PS candidate running for Kotka city council, who wrote on Facebook that it would be “patriotic” to kill government members and that Muslims should be boiled alive. Rautiainen got elected with 152 votes.

This group has some of the top ten anti-immigration candidates of Finland. From top row left to right: Olli Immonen (elected with 1,270 votes/Oulu), James Hirvisaari (elected with 191 votes/Asikkala), Matias Turkkila (not elected 276 votes/Helsinki), Jussi Halla-aho (elected with 6,026 votes/Helsinki), (second row) Juho Eerola (elected with 1,053 votes/Kotka), Freddy Van Wonterghem (elected with 189 votes/Kotka), Simon Elo (elected with 352 votes/Espoo), and Kai Haavisto (not elected 62 votes/Espoo).
Four of the eight candidates got elected to city council in this group. From top row left to right: Teemu Lahtinen (elected with 530 votes/Espoo), Petri Pulkkanen (not elected 189 votes/Espoo), Cristian Tudose (not elected 26 votes/Espoo), Amon Rautiainen (elected with 152 votes/Kotka), (second row) Mika Kujanpää (not elected 20 votes/Hanko), Kimmo Vehviläinen (not elected 96 votes/Helsinki), Reijo Tossavainen (elected with 114 votes/Savitaipale), and Johannes Nieminen (elected with 340 votes/Vantaa).
All of these candidates except for one got elected. From left to right: Mka Nikko (elected with 793 votes/Vantaa), Pasi Salonen (elected with 323 votes/Vihti), name unknown, and Teuvo Hakkarainen (elected with 197 votes/Viitasaari).
In this bunch, five of the eight candidates didn’t get elected. Top row left to right: Anna-Maija Ahl (not elected 18 votes/Sastamala), Reija Hirn-Brazhevsky (not elected 14 votes/Savonlinna), Tuomas Okkonen (elected with 37 votes/Lumijoki), Ulla Pyysalo (elected with 102 votes/Taipalsaari), (second row) Heidi Kuittinen (not elected 76 votes/Kirkonnummi), Jani Salomaa (not elected 85 votes/Salo), Sari Karlström (not elected 104 votes/Pietarsaari), and Jani Viinikainen (elected with 131 votes/Kangasala).
In this group only three candidates got elected. Top row from left to right: Jukka Wallin (not elected 64 votes/Helsinki), Risto Jääskeläinen (not elected 58 votes/Järvenpää), Jouko Vuorinen (not elected 48 votes/Tampere), Heikki Tala (elected with 206 votes/Järvenpää), (second row) Olli Sademies (not elected 334 votes/Helsinki), Petri Luumi (not elected 89 votes/Kouvola), Risto Helin (elected with 234 votes/Vaasa), and Erkki Havansi (elected with 435 votes/Kerava).
From left to right: Heta Lähteenaro (elected with 145 votes/Tuusula), Riikka Slunga-Poutsalo (elected with 647 votes/Lohja), Veli-Matti Saarakkala (elected with 633 votes/Kurikka), and Heikki Luoto (elected with 922 votes/Tampere).