The language and actions of anti-immigration parties and groups are based on violence

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Some 40 members of the neo-Nazi Suomen Vastarintaliike (SVL) took part in a demonstration Saturday ended violently, according to YLE in English. Thirty-two people were detained in the central Finnish city of Jyväskylä by the police and charged with rioting and assault.

While the SVL have always been a violent group, the statements that were made after what happened in Jyväskylä are the most surprising.

One of these is by the new National Police Commissioner Seppo Kolehminen, who claimed on YLE that he was surprised that the SVL demonstration turned violent in such an organized manner.

The police may have been surprised by what happened in Jyväskylä but many aren’t. What can you expect from a group that openly wants to change Finland into a Nazi state with violence?

The other surprising statement was from Perussuomalaiset (PS) MP Olli Immonen, who declared in recent a Facebook post war on multiculturalism states, now claims that he “doesn’t support the use of violence under any circumstances.

The first thing that strikes me about these two statements is their incredulity. Before making such statements as the above, both Kolehminen and Immonen could ask the following questions:

  • Have the SVL grown in recent years?
  • If it hasn’t grown why has coverage of its violent acts become more visible in the media?
  • Is violence only physical? Can words be violent and/or cause acts of physical violence?
  • If a party like the PS constantly victimizes and excludes certain groups from being equal members of Finnish society, isn’t such a stance just as bad as an act of physical violence?
Here’s one example of how rhetoric can turn in to violence. Tabloid Iltalehti reports that multiculturalism caused tempers rise to such a point that a man shoved a six-year-old.

Apart from posing with a group of SVL members in a picture in June, one could ask what Immonen really meant by condemning all forms of violence if his political career has been based on violent statements against migrants and minorities?

For me it’s clear that the PS has always been a hostile and violent party against migrants and minorities. The reason why Immonen and the PS can say one thing and then another reveals that they understand the power of their rhetoric but are at a complete loss about its logic.

The PS have always been a menace to Finland. Letting them in government has only increased that menace.

The Finnish name of the Finns Party is the Perussuomalaiset (PS). The English-language names adopted by the PS, like True Finns or Finns Party, promote in our opinion nativist nationalism and xenophobia. We therefore prefer to use the Finnish name of the party on our postings.

  1. BlandaUpp

    Lets not beat around the bush here, these people are neo-Nazi terrorists with a long list of previous terrorist acts. It’s time that we hold those inciting these terrorists, as Immonen recently did, responsible for their actions in the same way we hold religious extremist preachers responsible for inciting terrorists.

    It’s more than clear that whenever these neo-Nazi groups are up to something, the PS aren’t far behind either inciting them or acting as apologists for them. What the PS stands for is the same as what these neo-Nazis stand for. The PS just hides behind more politically correct words.

    PS MP Juho Eerola was the Finnish Resistance Movement’s main supporter and apologist after their terrorist knife attack on writers in 2013. As reported right here on Migrant Tales, “PS vice president Eerola gave advice the following day on how neo-Nazi Suomen Kansalinen Vastarinta activists should crash such an event the next time, “The next time don’t look like ”patriots” when you plan to enter such an event. Don’t go as a group but be [inconspicuous] in the crowd,” he wrote.”. He also claimed that the attack was staged by the writers to sell more books.

    It’s not surprising either that Juha Eerola’s own assistant was found to be a member of the Finnish Resistance movement after someone hacked the group’s website.

    Tuomas Okkonen, the PS board vice president in Oulu was also exposed as being on the list, he acknowledged that he did indeed apply for membership but blamed substance abuse, commenting, “I was drunk.”. In his leaked application, he wrote, “I am a city council member of the Perussuomalaiset party and I understand your ideology. You have my support!!!…After you hear what we (PS)have planned, you’ll see that we are both fighting for the same thing…I sent you my contact information. Please do not distribute it if you are fighting for the fatherland.”.

    • Malik

      last time I being in Sweden one brother from middle east wearing t-shirt that saying-‘in 2020 we take over’. i ask him (i being from Morocco) why he wearing this t-shirt? he say because it is truth. i asking how again? and he say Swedish people bending over and take well up behind! i ask what if they not doing? this man say they doing well from 20 years so why not doing now! this in my opinion being terro rism actually. i not speak to this man again after that.

  2. MattiR2106

    Hei BlandaUpp….. you just seem pissed off that you and your crowd don’t have a slick and catchy name…. SKV… Suomen Kansalinen Vastarinta…. For you, there are bogeymen everywhere…. check under your bed…. Less than 40 SKV types at this so-called demonstration and you’re describing it as if it were the 1923 Beerhall Putsch in Munich … Chicken Little…. “The Sky is Falling”…..Piffle….

  3. MattiR2106

    “The PS have always been a menace to Finland. Letting them in government has only increased that menace….” Again, your political roots shine through…. As practised in most southern hemispheric jurisdictions, the 2nd strongest party after a democratic election would not/not be allowed into government??… Perhaps you’d prefer they all (PS) would be herded into Hartwall Arena and in the dead of night …. POOF!!!!…. They all would disappear… as is the ‘de rigueur’ format, well-used in certain south of the equator great democracies…..

  4. Yossie

    Words are as bad as physical violence? Then what about your violence towards PS and native finns? Your hateful rhetoric that is violent attacks against everyone that does not share your opinion? Your words that incite others to similar violence? Or is it once again your usual double standards where your actions are righteous and those that disagree you are violent menace?