The flimsy bridge that bonds MV-lehti and Soldiers of Odin is racist hatred

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MV-lehti is a racist trash “publication” that that steals stories and rewrites them to fit its racist world. Its “editor,” is none other than Ilja Janitskin, a fugitive from the law. One of the crimes that MV commits over again is that it defames people and exposes them to hate-vigilante groups like the Soldiers of Odin. In other words, MV incites racism and ethnic agitation.

An asylum seeker called Jihad Baghdadi is one of many that have been harassed by MV-lehti. His picture has been published without his permission and portrayed as “a terrorist.”

The snapshots below were published on Migrant Tales with Jihad Baghdadi’s permission. He wants to publish them to show that he won’t be pushed around by such a white-trash publication.

There are a lot of variants of the word terrorism. The origin of the word derives from terror and/or to terrorize and instill fear. There’s the regular type of terrorism, state terrorism and racist terrorism, too.

The asylum seeker Jihad Baghdadi, who was singled out by MV-lehti and portrayed as a “terrorist” by the publication is a good example of racist terrorism.

With no respect for people’s privacy, MV attempts to terrorize people with fake news.

Even if the ultimate aim of all terrorists is to terrorize, few are intimidated like Jihad Al Baghadi, who now spells his name differently. Is that his real name to begin with?

“Yesterday [Saturday] at around 9:15 pm I was walking when three Soldiers of Odin noticed me and started to follow and yell at me,” he said. “I didn’t understand what they were saying, but it wasn’t anything nice. I ran to the tram station, which fortunately was there at the right moment. I rushed inside the tram and the three vigilantes stayed outside.”

When the person in question appeared in MV-lehti the first time last summer, an unknown person at the Helsinki Railway Station approached him and pushed him, yelling: “You have to go back to where you came from because we don’t want you [in our country]!”

Making matters worse for people like Baghdadi is that asylum seekers don’t have any rights in this country. They can be treated in a hostile manner with near-impunity.

The asylum seeker has gone to the police and reported a racist harassment cases but it wasn’t registered.

The bridge that bonds MV-lehti and the Soldiers of Odin is racist hatred and it will collapse in the long run by its own hatred.

  1. Finland is a hateful country

    Soldiers of Odin are working for government and police, they are all racist, terrorist, fascist and dictator.
    Helsinki is full of racist, when they attack a refugee, other people are bystander , some yelling go back home, go back home terrorist,…
    But who is terrorist? Juha Sippilä and his organisations, Persus suomaliaset and their band? all MP in parliament , they all voted against humanity and children or a poor young refugee who can not breath under dark sky in Finland ?
    Hey world,
    Which one is terrorist your idea ?

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