The Finnish city of Kemi gives us Harri Taurianen of the PS

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Harri Taurianen, the new Perussuomalaiset (PS) city councilor of the northern Finnish city of Kemi,  is a good example of how the PS continues to attracts a generous number of people who are multiculturally challenged.

Taurianen, who claims it’s good to uphold Finnish values and likes to spread far-right blah blah, imported his campaign slogans directly from foreign groups like the Ku Klux Klan and the American Nazi Party.

 Some of Turtiainen’s campaign slogans on his Facebook page: “Save our race” and the white power symbol.

It appears that the new city councilor got a call on Wednesday from the PS in Helsinki since his Facebook page has mysteriously vanished.

Iltalehti quotes Taurianen giving the following advice to immigrants: ”Check and make sure you have a good reason to move to Finland. Make sure that you are the only person moving to Finland.”

 And continues: ”It’s incredible that this human trash [convicted foreign criminals] aren’t put in their places. Put a stamp on their asses and deport them for good from Finland.”

Amon Rautanen of Kotka is another PS candidate who got a boost from his violent threats towards government officials and Muslims.

* The original story mentioned incorrectly Tauriainen’s name as Turtiainen. 

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