The fate of the Iraqi family of nine who may end up deported still hangs in the balance

by , under Enrique Tessieri

The family of nine from Iraq, who are detained at the Joutseno immigration removal center in southeast Finland, sent a letter to Prime Minister Sipilä. It is beyond any person with a minimum sense of justice how children, between the ages of 1.5 and 14, can be detained like common criminals. 

There are many people who are outraged by Finland’s tough asylum policy and specifically with the detention of this Iraqi family, whose only “crime” is to search for a country where they can live free from strife and dignity.

“There is nothing new concerning this case,” said an activist who went to Joutseno today.

The family continues to be detained and deportation proceedings continue.

The source said that an earlier posting on Refugee Hospitality Club claiming that the family would be released soon because they have reapplied for asylum is false.

Two pictures that show the harsh reality of asylum seekers in Finland.

The family of nine sent a letter to Prime Minister Juha Sipilä, which read:

We came to Finland because we wanted to live in a peaceful country. Our children have fled with us and lived for a long time in different countries. We fled Iraq to Eritrea, Syria and then Turkey. We heard that it was safe to live in Finland and came with the children here. We heard that in Finland are treated with dignity and good values. We love Finland and we have been treated well by the Finns. Why do we have to leave? Why can’t we live in this country? We have adapted to Finland and have learned the Finnish language. We have fled many countries for many years and came to seek asylum but ended up incarcerated. Can you please answer these questions Mr. Prime Minister? 

Signed 12.4.2017

The other picture is a view of the detention center in Joutseno during the day and the one below is at night.

A window view of the Joutseno immigration removal center.