The far right and their rabid show dog in Finland that knows no master

by , under Enrique Tessieri

If there is one matter that will bring down the far-right Perussuomalaiset (PS)* party, it is their racist and nationalistic ideology. We already saw this on 22/7 with Anders Breivik and now with political violence against Pekka Kataja of the same party.

On July 17, Kataja was paid a visit by three men who attacked him with a hammer and another weapon. After receiving twenty blows to the head, he was kicked on the floor by the suspects.

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At first, two men were suspected but were released later from custody after offering credible alibis.

The police believe that the attempted murder case against Kataja is political. A 41-year-old person is now in police custody as one of the suspects, with two others still at large.

The prime suspect has published on far-right websites under his own name.

Since the crime against Kataja is somehow connected to anger against Kataja for not allowing Torssonen to run for parliament in 2019 because of his far-right ideology, it will be interesting to see who the perpetrators are and their connections to far-right ideology and the PS.

Is there greater complicity, and what about the PS? Even if Torsssonen was sacked from the PS, it does not rule out wider complicity. If there is a clear connection to the PS, it may impact the party’s success in the upcoming municipal elections.

Migrant Tales has referred to racism as a rabid dog shown off by Islamophobes. The dog, which attracts a lot of attention, is kept on a short leash. Even so, the rabid dog may bite its master, and hard.

The rise and fall of Timo Soini as PS chairman is a perfect example of the rabid dog. It also resembles the plot of the 1931 classic Frankenstein movie, where a monster is brought to life that later kills his creator.