The EU’s double standards on the treatment of refugees are out of step with its alleged values

by , under Enrique Tessieri

There is mounting evidence about how Polish and Ukrainian border guards openly discriminate against non-Ukrainians and minorities like the Roma fleeing war as well as attacks by Polish nationalists. The commissioner for home affairs and migration, Ylva Johansson, has only words of praise.

“We can expect a lot of EU unity and EU solidarity towards Ukrainian if the situation deteriorates significantly,” Johansson was quoted as saying last month in Euronews.

The commissioner does not mention last November’s inhumane treatment of asylum seekers on the Belarus border or the discrimination that Africans and people of color are facing at the border.

While such hypocrisy is visible for everyone to see if they wish, it shows not only how racist Europe is but how little it has done to combat this social ill.

In light of the discriminatory and racist treatment by Polish and other EU border guards of non-EU citizens, I was surprised by a tweet from the Polish ministry of foreign affairs denying and slamming it as “fake news.”

Source: Twitter

I wonder what the Polish chancellery has to say about an African Union and other statements that claim that racist and discriminatory treatment at the border isn’t fake news?

@[email protected]_Jude of Human Rights Watch hits it right on the dot below.

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