The cracks are beginning to show

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Islamophobia and other forms of racism are for some politicians their gateway to power and infamy.

Watching part of the firey debate Wednesday in parliament that led to a vote of confidence for the government, one wonders what some politicians, especially with the Perussuomalaiset (PS)* party, have in their heads. 

The saddest matter was the bullying and false claims about migrants, nothing more than storms in teacups.

Those politicians and parties who only think beyond their noses are doomed to hitting a wall.

They are heading towards such a fate because they believe that Islamophobic and other racist soundbites will help them to have and retain power and influence.

After launching an aggressive campaign and burning up a lot of money in the municipal elections of June, the PS came in fourth place despite some polls, which showed it to come out on top.

The result was a huge disappointment and the party gasped for air.

If there is a crack line in the PS, their disappointing result in the municipal election is an indication that the public is growing weary of their broken-record scapegoat-migrant approach.

But hate, like a powerful drug and pathological habit, is difficult to break. As the PS sets unattainable goals like ending asylum seekers from coming to Finland, amend the constitution to permit legal discrimination, force minorities to comply to their racist worldview by banning the veil, or hijab, the bleaker the party’s future will be.

But we are not only speaking of the PS but other parties like the National Coalition Party (Kokoomus).

Kokoomus MP Heikki Vestman threw in his ten cents during the confidence vote debate. What he said surprised me. How can a young man like him house so many distorted views of migrants by speaking of this group as a national security risk. He even suggested that his party was ready to shelve asylum applications at the border if the need arose.

“Too few have integrated [to society],” he said.

Here is a question to Vestman and others like them.

Ever said something positive about migrants and given the support to become equal members of society? Why do you house so much hatred and suspicion? Why are you such a bully?

The late US writer, Toni Morrison, gave an answer to that question. “…scientifically, anthropological, racism is a construct, a social construct, and it has benefits. It has money that can be made off it and people who don’t like themselves can feel better because of it.”

Political power can also be gained off it.