The city of Kaajani, Finland, should do more to make migrants feel safe and welcome

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Kaajani is a city of 37,304 people located 560 kilometers north of Helsinki. An African resident whom Migrant Tales spoke to said that she doesn’t feel safe walking alone at certain times of the day in Kajaani. 

“Kajaani is not only a boring city, but it’s not friendly to foreigners,” she said. “Nobody has attacked me, but it’s the looks I get that make me feel unwelcome. When I get a chance, I’d like to move to Vantaa, Espoo or Helsinki because there are more foreigners there.”

You don’t too much about Kajaani. IN 2013, Migrant Tales reported an attack against a black man by a foreigner.

“The mean looks usually come from older people but young people, women, and men, make me feel uncomfortable when they stare or look at you,” she continued. “It’s hard to describe the looks they give. They aren’t friendly.”

The African resident said that all of the migrants she spoke to mention the same thing that Kajaani isn’t a friendly place for foreigners.

Taking into account the #metoo campaign that has empowered women to call out men who sexually harass them, it is surprising that there isn’t a similar campaign against racist harassment.

Politicians and city officials in Kaajani should do much more to help migrants and minorities feel safe in the city.


  1. intternetnetsi

    Bullshit, they are treated like every foreign including me.

    What i have seen is that behaviour of foreigners is something what causes that finns dont feel safe. What can foreigners do to make finns feel safe?

    • Migrant Tales

      But there is a difference: You have power and privilege whereas foreigners don’t. So crying that you feel unsafe is really cowardice and demeaning to non-whites.

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