The children of separated families in the US are telling us to change our greedy ways

by , under Enrique Tessieri

In Europe, the driver of millions of asylum seekers is us. We invaded with the United States and gave support to the destruction of Iraq and the rest of the Middle East. In Latin America, the driver of refugees to the United States is Washington’s big-stick policy and economic exploitation of the region’s wealth and opportunities. 

In both cases, the finger is pointing at us. The problem has its roots in history.

Is this how the so-called developed world is going to react to the ever-growing climate-change crisis?

Yes, you can be sure that is how the leaders of the United States and other major powers will react.

The children that the Trump administration is separating from their families and locking up in cages are the ones fighting to restore our sense of humanity. They are telling us that matters must change or else.

They will succeed because nothing will be able to stop them except for turning the United States into a totalitarian tin-pot concentration camp.

Source: ProPublica.

Viva los validates inmigrantes del mundo!

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