The biggest threat to Europe are those who claim to be afraid on our behalf

by , under Enrique

I’m neither afraid of cultural diversity nor terrorism. Being against different cultures in a globalized world is like being against sex. Cultural diversity, interculturalism and sex are part of the human condition. You cannot make them illegal in any way, shape or form.   

If we’d embrace far right and mainstream anti-immigration ideologies so common in today’s Europe, it would be like placing a noose around the neck of our civil rights. Terrorism and our fear of terrorism would not diminish but grow as a result. Remember what happened in Germany in 1933?

More terrorism would lead us on a perilous path of totalitarianism, where we’d not only do everything possible to undermine and deny cultural diversity but use it as a scapegoat for all our problems and unhappiness.

I’m not afraid of cultural diversity. I want populist politicians especially of the Perussuomalasiet (PS) party  to stop being afraid on my behalf.

Don’t use the riots in Husby, Sweden, as an excuse to attack who I am or deny my right to be different from you in my country.

Accept the fact that NONE of your present or future laws will prevent Finland from being culturally diverse or keep it safe from terrorism. Finland tried between 1939 and 1995 to severely limit immigrants and foreign investment from coming here and failed. I doubt that any sensible person would want to return to the days of cold war Finland.

Since anti-immigration Islamophobists like to equate immigration with terrorism, terrorism remains extremely rare in Europe never mind in Finland, according to the EU Terrorism and Situation Report 2012.  Despite the tragic murder of a member of the British armed forced this week, reaction to it in the UK reveals that the greatest threat to Europe isn’t Islamic terrorism but from groups that claim to defend us from it.

Stop spreading fear and absolutely stop being afraid on my behalf! You’re most likely in Europe to be killed by a policeman, medical error or car accident than terrorism never mind cultural diversity.

The biggest threat to our society is you. Yes you, the one that is being afraid on my behalf and ready to put my civil rights in cold storage.