The Avarn Security scandal reveals too much trust and too little scrutiny of the system

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Helsingin Sanomat has closely followed the story about six Avarn Security guards suspected of assault. In the latest stories, the daily reports that four security guards have now been remanded into custody. It also raises three unanswered questions about the scandal. 

Mikko Minkkinen, crime commissioner of the Eastern Uusimaa Police Department, said in a statement Wednesday: “In the suspected offenses, the security guards transported the victims they encountered during their work to a more sheltered location near the train stations, after which they assaulted the victims and filmed the acts.”

Helsingin Sanomat raises three important questions about the scandal.

Source: Avast Security

One of the questions is motive. The second is if Avarn Security has done enough to prevent such a thing. Finally, an essential yet obvious question is if security guards are under enough scrutiny. Here is question number four: How many security guards have been sentenced for using excessive force?

Hopefully, this case will not end up like so many involving the police and other public services that abuse their power.

Time will tell, but I am not hopeful.