The Anti-Finland League in Canada

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This is a funny story I read in The Hammer, a Canadian satirical magazine that tells about how the Finns have taken over the maritime provinces.

It writes: “Oh, he’s right, the Finnish are taking over. Nowadays, you can’t even get a job pumping gas round these parts if you don’t speak Finnish,” insisted McJones. “And the way those Finnish tourists come here every summer and flaunt their wealth with their flashy trousers and gold plated bracelets and strut about town as if they own the place, talking loudly into their cell phones and complaining about the quality of our sauna baths and how the kalakukko is too salty, I tell ya, it’s enough to make a Swede blush……

Click on the link to read the full story.

  1. DeTant Blomhat

    Which is the part when I can start screaming xenophobia and racism?
    Oh yes, almost forgot, I am not a stupid foreigner – I can actually laugh at myself.

    Rare treat, need to translate that and pass it as “news” for April 1st.