The 1 + 1 = 2 types who post racist comments

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Who can understand the logic of people who post racist things and exercise a very basic 1+1=2 argument? Some of these are reactions to a recent blog posting on Migrant Tales, The Kolari, Finland, asylum reception center “is a living hell.”

Some of them are feverishly discussing what asylum seekers are saying about the allegedly crappy food, inadequate treatment and inadequate medical care they are getting at asylum reception centers like the one at Kolari, located in the middle of nowhere about 80km north of the Arctic Circle.

Once again, let’s point out some alleged problems at the Kolari asylum reception center:

  • The manager threatens the asylum seekers by telling them that they won’t get asylum in Finland;
  • They are charged 10 euros by the reception center to take them to visit the Finnish Immigration Service in Rovaniemi;
  • There is only one nurse that visits the center three times a week for about 150 asylum seekers;
  • The asylum seekers are forced to work 40kms from the reception center;
  • The food is bad, but as one asylum seeker said, this is not the main issue because they didn’t flee their country for the food;
  • UPDATE: The camp manager charges each asylum seeker 3 euros if they want to play football.

Certainly if a Muslim did these things to Finns a lot of people in this country would be outraged.

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Some people who huff-and-puff their bravado in the comfort of their anonymity and the Internet, are the ones that should go back to school and learn once again important matters such a social graces and empathy.

Those who debate stories published in websites like Migrant Tales in racist peep show chat sites such as mvlehti and Hommaforum are an odd and eerie bunch.

They claim (red herring) that migrants should adapt to Finland, but their kind of adaption means social exclusion, silence and only gratitude of their racist ideas of the people they are oppressing.

But let’s keep this important matter in mind:

Those police officials, public servants, teachers, politicians that say and do racist things are the rotten apples of their profession and who threaten to give – or have already given – a bad name to their colleagues that want to do their jobs in a professional manner.


  1. Vilzu

    What a disgraceful story about Kolari, and what an insult to react to that sad story with racist remarks.

    MT does an excellent job in bringing to light reception centers which aren`t up to par, or which show signs of profiteering. I really hope this channel and these complaints lead to improvements. Didn`t LUONA change it`s intolerable ways after it made negative headlines in the national media?