Thank you Perussuomalaiset for giving us Ano Turtiainen

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Without Perussuomalaiset (PS)* party backing, Finland would have never had to read about MP Ano Turtiainen. From spreading racism, Turtiainen is now a staunch anti-vaxxer who believes that the Coronavirus pandemic is a hoax.

From “Pink Floyd” to his accusations to fellow MPs of traitor and committing genocide against the Finns, Turtiainen has come full circle.

Source: Migrant Tales.

Turtiainen tweets: “I believe that it isn’t due to misinformation, but are a part of this corona hoax and also responsible for being a traitor and committing genocide as well.”

One may ask how and who made it possible for Turtiainen to become an MP.

The answer is the PS. The PS gave him the platform. His racist views were ok and a feather in his political cap. The party didn’t even care that Turtianen was being charged and convicted for incting acts of violence against Red Cross-managed asylum reception centers.

PS MP Juha Mäenpää appears to admier Ano Turtiainen on his Facebook page. The picture was taken down. The PS has close ties with other far-right groups and activists. Source: Migrant Tales.

The PS is a party that finds strength by spreading racism and romantic nationalism that never existed. In many respects, they are like the cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs commercial below. Instead of Cocoa Puffs, they go cuckoo for migrants.

Source: YouTube.