Thank you for the Herätys Suomi! Racism is Real! video

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Migrant Tales would like to personally thank Susheela, Albulena, Henrik, Nadia, Osman, Nawal, Sadek, Dizzy, Christian, Salomon, and Edna for making this video below on racism in Finland. 

The makers of the Herätys Suomi! Racism is Real! video are a shining example of how migrants and minorities should raise their voices against a social ill like racism.

I am confident that we’re in good hands with people like these that produced and acted in the video below. We’ll succeed at challenging racism effectively in this country.

Don’t forget that racism is based on lies and everyone knows that lies don’t have legs.


  1. Medusa

    Applause! Applause!

    Yeah battle won! Now the world is free of racism……

    Let’s all usher in the new age. I tell you that video did it!

    Time to retire Migrant tales.