Thank you for making Migrant Tales what it is today

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By Enrique Tessieri

My personal gratitude goes to all the bloggers that have made Migrant Tales “a voice for those immigrants and minorities whose views and situation are understood poorly and heard faintly by the media, politicians and public.”

Our latest recognition comes from Aleksandr Shatravka, who we met thanks to this blog. Thanks to that meeting, I was able to publish in Apu magazine one of Finland’s first-ever comprehensive stories about what happened to Soviet refugees when they were caught by Finnish Border Guards and returned to the USSR.

I had waited over 25 years to meet one of these former Soviet refugees.

Shatravka has now published a book in which he cites Migrant Tales.

Migrant Tales has been mentioned elsewhere as well: Here is a link to Dunia Magazine that published a column by yours truly. Migrant Tales has got attention from some important news publications. In the spring I got a call from a journalist from “Deutschlandradio”, the National German Radio, it was mentioned on Time Magazine right after the April 17 election, and recently I got a call from the BBC. The Refugeevoice Daily is another Twitter publication that picks up our blog entries as well as other ones like The Finns Daily.

I am very pleased that what we write on Migrant Tales gets noticed in and out of Finland.

Our success would not have been possible without you!

    • Enrique

      Thank you Niko. Even if we disagree I am grateful that there are other people who have different views. This is always healthy and good to debate things.

    • Enrique

      Thank you neighbor! It is always nice to hear from you. Migrant Tales has grown thanks to people like yourself. You have a very interesting blog as well! I like very much your passion for justice and human rights.

  1. cecilyhope

    I have only just recently discovered this site, but I am already entranced by the wealth of knowledge and discourse here. As an immigrant student studying Ethnic Relations at the University of Helsinki, catching up with your blog has been such a great impetus to continue pursuing my passions in these areas. Thank you for all you do!

    • Enrique

      Hi Cecilyhope and welcome to Migrant Tales. We are very happy that you found us and we’d be interested in hearing your views on cultural diversity and how it could work in Finland and elsewhere.
      Thank you for dropping by and welcome aborad!