Tens of far-right vigilantes are marching in Pori – I hope my fascination doesn’t show too much

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Wow! Looky here! Tens of far-right vigilantes called the Soldiers of Odin are marching in the western Finnish city of Pori! Quick! Take a picture and publish a story because tens of Soldiers of Odin vigilantes are marching in Pori.

The media has a lot of power, but it does not go the extra mile when reporting xenophobic and far-right stories.

The Satakunnan Kansa story states that the Soldiers of Odin are an anti-immigration group, which is correct. When they write about parties like the Perussuomalaiset (PS)*, which ties with the vigilante group, they rarely mention that they are too anti-immigration.

Apart from bias and the fact that all of Finland’s newsrooms are overwhelmingly white, very few editorials are written about a social ill like racism and its threat to Finnish society.

The marching vigilantes in Pori are another example of the fascination of some of the media to far-right groups.

If they don’t want Finland to become a Hungary or a country that places its democratic institutions under threat like in the United States, the national media has to do a much better job.