Tariq: Is there justice in Finland? (Part 1)

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Tariq* has lived in Finland for over eleven years. If there is a person who has run into complications with the police, Migri (Finnish Immigration Service), and due process, he is one of them.

According to Tariq, his citizenship process has been arbitrarily delayed due to a police fine that was canceled.

“In March last year, the police was called by some security guards for resisting arrest,” Tariq said. “In the first place, security guards cannot arrest you. The police came, they did not hear my side of the story, and they slapped me with a fine.”

Each migrant who survives in Finland deserves a medal for heroism.

Tariq alleged that the security guards had hurt his hand. He wanted to go to the hospital but was not taken there.

“At the time [of this incident], I was applying for Finnish citizenship [a second time],” he continued. “Due to the fine, Migri stopped the application process until the issue was resolved.”

Tariq inquired about the fine around the end of August and found out, to his surprise, that the police had canceled it.

The new revelation sent Tariq on a new chase. He tried, but only after much persistence and countless meetings and emails to the police, he got an official police document stating that the fine was canceled.

“I sent the document to Migri, but I have not heard a word from them even after many emails and phone calls,” he continued. “I suspect they have shelved my [citizenship] case indefinitely and are waiting for another fine from the police, so they have another excuse not to proceed.”

He said that he needs Finnish citizenship because he wants to continue his studies in the United Kingdom.

The affair with the canceled police fine is only one of many Tariq’s headaches in Finland. He claims that he is a victim of arbitrary harassment by the police concerning other matters like his residence permit. Please click here to read part two of Tariq’s ordeal.

Tariq admits that it is tough to survive in Finland if you are a foreigner with a Muslim name and from a Muslim country. According to him, there are two sets of rules in Finland: one for white Finns and the other for foreigners.

“[White] Finns would never be treated like me by the police and authorities,” he concluded. “I am a tough person, and therefore, I have survived. I know people who hadn’t, with some ending up crazy and others deported.”

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*The real name was changed to protect the person’s identity. If you want to send Tariq a message, please send your emails to [email protected]