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An Iraqi asylum seeker in Finland tells us how he was “exploited” for a month by a Porvoo-based company called A-T Puhdistus

One matter is clear when you live in a society and the country’s institutions see asylum seekers as inferior human beings we leave the door open to all kinds of abuse. A good example of how little power asylum seekers have in Finland is the family of nine that has been locked up at the Joutseno immigration removal center. If an asylum seeker is lucky enough to get work, that too can become an exercise in exploitation.

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Dominic-Savior Chukwu: How to avoid migrant exploitation in the Finnish labor market

  Dominic-Savior Chukwu’s BA thesis addresses some of the challenges that immigrants face when employed at a Finnish company. Apart from practical problems like understanding  the work contract that he or she will sign, some immigrants are apprehensive about demanding their rights.  Chukwu’s states that some migrants come from countries where there are inadequate labor laws

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