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Naapuriäidit: I am a refugee, but I also have another story

Michelle Kaila   Friba Majeed Friba Majeed was born in Balkh, Afghanistan. She came to Finland in 2014 as a refugee. She is presently doing a work practice at Nicehearts in Vantaa, mainly to practice her Finnish language skills. These are the kinds of details we, as migrants, might often exchange with others upon meeting.

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Fadumo Dayib: Don’t worship my hurt feelings for the road to FGM is paved with good intentions

Fadumo Dayib There is an angry mob ready to lynch. They’re gathering force, leaping over barriers, ululating, and blindly bulldozing civility in their wake. The drummers, hunched over the “SOS” drum, thumps out an angry condescending rhythm, rivers of sweat and recriminations running down their livid face. The steady drumming picks up pace, urging the

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Migrants’ Rights Network: Not Talking is Not Safe

Sarah Crowther* Community leaders need to address all topics, including those considered taboo among migrant and refugee communities, because the sooner we start the sooner we will all be able to engage properly in the arguments that make up integrated society. 1.0 Certain subjects are taboo (?really?) Certain subjects are taboo. You can’t possibly talk

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